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Never unfasten a punching tool steel coil before it has been securely mounted onto an appropriate holding device. The steel reacts like a highly tensioned spring when released, and fatal accidents can occur as a result of this.


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Less pressure required for punching:

Tests showed that punching pressure can be reduced by 50 % when using HD AEA punching tool steel (symmetrical special profile) and HD TEB (special profile for textile). We have further developed our well known special textile steel, lowering its teeth and thus prolonging the service life of the punching plates. The paper templates can also be cut without being torn, enabling a highly efficient punching process. Using less punching pressure results in less undercut of the material, more accurate punching and less waste.

Another advantage:

If the original textile steel is used, the height of the stroke with regard to AEA and TEB does not have to be changed. HD AEA and HD TEB are designed in such a way, that with the same height of stroke, TE as well as AEA/TEB can be used. A patented high-frequency hardened cutting edge guarantees additional resistance to wear. Even with extreme long-term use, the teeth will not break.


Corresponds to HD Punching Tool Steel (high-frequency hardened). If dealing with sharp edges we recommend heating HD AEA or HD TEB respectively on the cutting edge and bending whilst still warm. Afterwards, the cutting edge has to be cooled immediately with a wet cloth, paper etc. Otherwise these types are processed as the standard punching tool steel.

We supply the following types:


  • Advantages: more efficient punching with minimum punching pressure, greater stability of knives
  • Disadvantages: zig zag cutting using an elavation of approx. 0,8 mm

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