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Never unfasten a punching tool steel coil before it has been securely mounted onto an appropriate holding device. The steel reacts like a highly tensioned spring when released, and fatal accidents can occur as a result of this.


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HD (HF) punching tool steel has high-frequency (HF) hardened cutting edges, recommended for the manufacture of knives which are used in hydraulic cutting presses. HD punching tool steel has a high bending quality which enables precise bending.
HD (non HF) punching tool steel has the same hardness of body and cutting edge as HD punching tool steel, although the cutting edges are not high-frequency hardened. The cutting edges have to be re-sharpened after a certain period of time (difficult to keep the required angles).

This steel is suitable for knives used in a mechanical cutting press (knives with HF hardened cutting edges are not recommended for a mechanical press due to the fact that the cutting is not as smooth as with a hydraulic press and thus reduces the durability of the cutting boards).

HD 3 has a higher bending "rigidity" than HD.

Do not heat up the steel too much during welding. After welding the steel has to be cooled using a wet cloth or a potato.

Before marking/coding it is recommended to heat the cutting edge slightly in order to prevent breaking. Then, it has to be cooled again with a wet cloth or a potato.

Special dimensions other than listed are available upon request.

The intended use of the knife determines which type of steel and which dimensions are to be used. Therefore, it is important to indicate the intended usage of the knife when sending us your enquiry.

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