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Never unfasten a punching tool steel coil before it has been securely mounted onto an appropriate holding device. The steel reacts like a highly tensioned spring when released, and fatal accidents can occur as a result of this.


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HD (high-frequency hardened)

  • Hardness of knife body: 37 - 39 ±2 HRC, depending on the thickness of the material
  • Hardness of cutting edge: about 50 HRC
  • Effective hardening depth: about 0,4 - 0,6 mm
  • Flexibility: about 90° with bending tool (width of lower snaker:10 mm) in one single bending movement

Applications: For high-quality tools. Long tool life with stable and durable quality. Grade HD is very well suited for the punching of large surfaces, i.e. as required in the shoe and textile industries. This grade is particularly recommended for the production of knives with a height of 32 mm or more, as steel grades with a lower body hardness may warp and therefore cause faulty cutting.

HD 3

  • Hardness of knife body and of cutting edge: 41 - 43 ±2 HRC, depending on the thickness of the material.
  • Flexibility: approx. 110° with bending tool (width of lower snaker: 15 mm) in one single bending movement.

Applications: For knives which have a large surface and only a few, but complicated angles. These knives may be re-sharpened or hardened respectively by the user himself.

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