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HD 200 Ecoline
(Extra/750) Cutting Rules

HD 200 cutting rules are produced with a shaved cutting edge, avoiding any cross marks on the surface. The HD 200 cutting rule therefore has a very smooth surface, reducing the formation of dust during operation.

HD 100 (HF) Ecoline
(Flex/Flex 60) Cutting Rules

HD 100 (HF) cutting rules are produced either with shaved or with sharpened cutting edges. For cutting man-made fibres a rule with precision ground cutting edge has proved to be the best solution. For this purpose we therefore recommend our HD 100 (HF) cutting rule with a sharpened (ground) cutting edge.


The standard form of supply of our rules is in rods of 1000 mm, packed in boxes.
However, on request we can also supply coils with a maximum length of 100 m or - a certain order quantity provided - rods with a length of 2500 mm

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